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West Plains - West Plains Public Library

750 West Broadway Street

Mission :

The mission of the West Plains Public Library is to assure the preservation, acquisition and dissemination of knowledge for the future of West Plains. To accomplish this mission, the public library will:

  • Support individuals of all ages in their pursuit of independent learning by providing materials that educate, enrich, inform and entertain;
  • Encourage enthusiasm for reading and appreciation of literature; and
  • Provide a means of access to the world of information.

About Us:

The first library established in the city The G. Frank Pease Memorial was dedicated August 22, 1895. On November 21, 1998 a two mile long book brigade, 104 volumes were delivered hand-to-hand from the East Main Street location to our present library site. The official opening of the 23,500 sq. ft.building which now houses 78,760 titles was November 23, 1998. 


tina daily

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017
Lots of different types of books. Librarians are friendly and extremely helpful. Lots of chairs to sit and read or use your own computer at.

Brenda Galiher

Sunday, May 28, 2017
This is a beautiful facility. We have lived here in West Plains for 18 years. The first thing we did as a family was acquire a library card. Yes.. since we live out of the City Limits we pay an annual fee. However the joy and opportunity to borrow books.. is worth the investment. My children have grown up with this library and consider the librarians friends!

Franklin Kramer

Thursday, July 6, 2017
I just moved here from FLorida and we have had a poor experience with this library. I found the librarians to be unfriendly and snobbish. My mother in law worked for the New York City library and our family has always been very active with our local library as my wife has been teaching for many years. The library in Florida is much more supportive of new comers being involved and in getting people to be more involved in reading, but when you pay 25 bucks and a fine for every little thing and all you get is someone looking down their nose at you's not welcoming or inviting.

Kalene Gast

Sunday, June 25, 2017
Very friendly staff and a very good selection of books. I did not expect to find that many books or a library with that nice of a website in such a small town.

prettyparadoxical woman

Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
This is the most unjust greedy craziest experience I've ever experienced from a library. I'm an avid library lover. I've gone to libraries as my past time my whole life. I'm a mother of three on disability. I went here ONCE. i was told in order to rent I have to pay them..a PUBLIC library a year membership fee 28$ a PUBLIC LIBRARY... I drive an hour to go here. And an hour back to this place from my home. I bring back the children's books. I spent all day there picking more books for my toddler. I went to the counter to rent. Was told cannot rent I iwe two dollars for a missing card in a book. I said ok ...( Wondering why they use an old stamping system) I said "where do I slide card. They have no card slide to pay it. They told me to go to a far away gas station to get out two dollars at ATM which would cost me three to get it out. I said "this is wrong" and I left. I didn't know I had left a book at home. I got no letters then one letter a month later. I took back book. They said I had to pay for 30$ for book I was returning plus a police fee of 40$ for a filing report they did for the book at the police. I said this was the worst greediest place I've ever seen! Even after getting the membership fee the two dollars the thirty dollars and the 40$ police file fee they send me a letter saying I have to go to court now Feb 2 or I go to jail for bench warrant. Psycho library from HELL! Stay awwwaaaaaaayy ! One time renting kids books has costed me $28+$30+40+2=$100 plus !!! And even a trip to court where they are going to laugh at this case! To a single mother of three who gets $ 730.00 a Christmas...yea. not cool dude! Nasty place... nasty nasty place. Not to mention I never received any paperwork stating that if I do not return a book after three weeks to a month that is be reported to the police for a charge of "detaining library material " THAT I RETURNED

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