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Vigo County Public Library

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The Vigo County Public Library generates positive change in the community by creating an environment of opportunity in which people can explore, expand their perspectives, and transform their own lives and the lives of future generations.


Generating Change. Transforming Lives.


Inclusiveness – respecting individual perspectives and diverse backgrounds, making cultural and intellectual resources available to all

Community –committing to and investing in the betterment of the community

Collaboration –working in concert with strategic partners to help the community flourish

Innovation –invigorating the community and stimulating a creative economy through inventive ideas and services

Accountability – managing resources responsibly to maintain the public’s trust.

About Us:

The Vigo County Public Library System has served the residents of Terre Haute and Vigo County Indiana since 1882 when local school trustees purchased the existing public library from the Terre Haute Library Association.

The public library was created for the benefit of the citizens of Vigo County and is supported by them. Its patrons include all ages and sectors of the community, both as individuals and organizations. The library is service oriented; it complements the objectives of other community agencies and institutions and freely shares its unique resources with all who need them. The purpose of the Vigo County Public Library is: to help meet the educational, cultural, informational, and recreational needs of the community by acquiring organizing, preserving, and providing access to materials and information in a variety of formats and to furnish equipment essential to their utilization; to help improve the quality of life by offering materials, services, and programs not readily accessible elsewhere in the community; to provide qualified staff to assist in the use of the full range of library resources; to take a leadership role among agencies and institutions in meeting the needs and promoting the well being of the community.


KPJ TheSinger

Saturday, July 7, 2018
I go to this library everyday and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s calming and reassuring. I go there because it feels like home to me, and all the staff their are like my best friends. They are so nice and friendly, and I usually sit in the teenager room to calm myself a bit. I love being there and it’s the best place in all of Terre Haute.

Mikel West

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Vigo County Public Library has helped impact our community by allowing us to use their services to provide us with what we need. The library has lots to offer their are classes, movies that you can bring people to and watch, books, movies, games, and, CDs you can borrow for free. Their is computers so you can connect on the internet if you need to. The library has a lot to offer. I go about once a week. I just wish we had one on the north end of town.

Mr Bibby

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017
This Library is full of great people. one of the most amazing element of this library is its great staff, they are always willing to render help whenever you ask for their assistant. Most especially the tech team section of the library are always willing to help out and also teaches varies classes such as the 3D printer classes which benefit also comes with having free access to using the library 3D printers in the "Haute create "section. i just want to illustrate my gratitude to the VCPL and its amazing staff.

Laney Perisho

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017
Amazing library! Been going here for years! They have a great selection of books and have great architecture and furnishing.

Roya Ball

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017
Our library is amazing. We are lucky. Seriously. I've seen libraries in other cities and they are sad. We have a large collection, our books are in excellent condition, and we have sections and fun programs for everyone. I really love this library!

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