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Strasburg Community Library

195 West King Street


The Shenandoah County Library is committed to identifying, collecting, preserving, cataloging, and providing access to resources related to the culture, history, life, and heritage of Shenandoah County. 

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We maintain the Shenandoah Room filled with local history reference materials, and the Truban Archives which houses historic documents and items.  Most of our local history collection is available during regular library hours. However, materials in our archives is only available when our archivist or a volunteer is on duty. 


N Henny

Monday, March 14, 2016
This public library with its lovely garden and historical building is part of the Shannendoah library system. Thus the ample playroom for kids has toys which rotate with the rest of the system, giving unique play experiences every time you visit. The mostly volunteer staff is friendly and helpful, often taking time to interact with the kiddos. They also keep the wide selection of books, many of which are new, well organized. Even though it's a historic building, the library has a clean comfortable bathroom and is mostly accessible for wheelchairs. There is a ramp up to the door, and a ramp inside between two of the levels. However, I do not think the upper (kids) level is accessible. There is a parking lot is behind the building, which is most convenient as the entrance is on the side, not front, of the building. There is also plenty of street parking. There are always books for sale, which go down in price when they aren't purchased. They start at 2.00 for a hardback but if they don't sell, they are eventually 25 cents. There are often book readings for the kiddos, sometimes performed by a kids author. That type of information can be found on the door where they post information, or by calling. One benefit of having a card at this library is that it entitles you to access the Blue Ridge download consortium, a collection of digital library materials which you can rent and download remotely. This includes audiobooks, read-a-long books, Kindle / epub books, and even a few videos.

Marcy McCann

Thursday, July 17, 2014
The library is a Trail Site on the O Shenandoah Country Artisan Trail due to the art exhibits and the interesting history of the building. Very congenial volunteer staff and the honor system book shelves on the front porch speaks volumes about the community.

Karissa Signor

Friday, March 9, 2018

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