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Samuels Public Library

330 East Criser Road


Samuels Public Library is a community resource which enhances the quality of life for residents of Warren County/Front Royal by fulfilling their personal, occupational and recreational needs through services, programs, and a collection of materials that is current, balanced and responsive to those needs. The Library strives to stimulate and broaden community interests in literature, reading and learning.


Lucas Weber

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Samuels public library is amazing. The librarians that work there are all so kind and helpful. Also, this is one of the only libraries with teen volunteers. The children's section is so unique. Go and visit Samuels Public Library you will love it.

Malcolm McCurry

Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017
The library staff are always friendly, prompt, and helpful. I've had staff take a great deal of effort to help me find books for myself or for my children. The ambiance is quite nice. Perhaps the only thing I would change would be to increase the selection of books. However, online library resources are an excellent complement to what they currently have.

Researcher S.

Friday, Sep. 9, 2016
Front Royal is, by far, one of THE most scenic urban areas in northern Virginia--even compared to nearby West Virginia, D.C. and Maryland (where I live about an hour away, north up US 340); its breathtaking and LOWER cost to visit, shop, buy gas, spend a night. PROS: Generally, a good, attractive public library when computers are 'working' at good speed, and patrons act quieter--not using foul language and wearing proper clothing not exposing 'ugly' body parts (some 'adults' appear to never stepped inside any high school classroom while as children). Unlike most USA public libraries -- run by a city or county--this one's managed by a non-profit. I have stopped here every one-three months, since its opening on Criser Road. Received a small trinket gift for opening a library card account. Place has good, helpful staff. CONS: Not open Sundays; Only allow 4 total hours of computer per patron, must request, if granted, additional time. If one has a library account card, make sure to bring it, otherwise, show a photo id, a process I detest!

Martin Franklin

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Just a great place.

N Henny

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Great library! Free notary public on duty. Lots of friendly staff and computers. A sunny study area. Forr the kids there lots of library programs and the coolest kid section you will ever see. It looks like you're in a fairy tale, but with book shelves. There is also a huge play area and fun toys. The garden is worth a stroll. Plenty of fairy garden type decorations and pretty horticulture. There is even a large chess set which could be fun.

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