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Salt Lake City Public Library

210 East 400 South

A dynamic civic resource that promotes free and open access to information, materials and services to all members of the community to advance knowledge, foster creativity, encourage the exchange of ideas, build community and enhance the quality of life.


Jon Agan

Monday, May 21, 2018
Great selection and beautiful building. Even has a rooftop garden to enjoy. With any public library in a city, yes there are homeless people about but they seem to stay to themselves and they should be able to enjoy the library just like everyone else. Although, a larger security presence might help put minds at ease as it seems many of these reviewers can’t be in the same space as someone who is homeless.

Sydney Schramm

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
The view of the mountains and valley is stunning. Really enjoyable. Plus, the building is beautiful and very comfortable. True, there are homeless people, and some do stink, but the library is large enough that this isn't a huge problem. Most of the time they keep to themselves, I've only seen a possible fight when someone started insulting a homeless man's work ethic. Also, there are activity labs to learn new skills (music making, videography), art galleries, life size chess sets, a kids only floor, etc. in the same building but outside of the library are a cheap used book store ($1), salon, cafe, and a plants store. There aren't any decent parking options. Your cheapest bet is $2/hour on the street.

Brock Adams

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
It is the most beautiful homeless shelter I have ever studied in. It's not too bad if you don't mind strong smells of urine, smoke, and people sleeping in the bathroom stalls. It is difficult to study with all of the distractions and the constant need to protect your personal items (if you need to use the restroom, pack everything up and take it with you). It is somewhat endearing though because it has a feeling similar to that of the "Island of Misfit Toys." It is the perfect place to feel what you want, and be exactly what you feel. Everyone is welcome, and no personal hygiene is required! I am grateful to see that our tax money has been so efficiently spent on this beautiful edifice. A real place of architectural beauty to house gamers, drug addicts, television watchers, and travelers(mostly a place for them to shower in the sinks). You'd think that whoever approved this project would've taken more than 30 seconds to think about if it was a good idea or not to build such an elaborate homeless shelter; maybe even let the thought cross their mind of whether or not this was a good use of our tax money....... apparently not! Welcome to the brilliance of public goods.

Abigail Hartley

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
I love the downtown library. They've put in a community garden they've named The Plot (teehee) and vehicles. They also sponsor artists in the gallery downstairs from the courtyard, and they have any number of eclectic groups going at any day of the week, to appeal to a wide range of interests. I love the big window panes that let in the daylight on the main floors, and the children's library is to die for. You will find every member of a community represented there, from the elitists to the homeless. That's because libraries are intended for the community and yes, even homeless people belong to our communities. Keep doing you SLCPL.

Jeff Troxell

Sunday, May 6, 2018
Great facility but sucks they charge per half hour for parking. First half hour is free then each half hour is $1.50 Update I love this library but sadly the homeless people ruin the experience. They are everywhere. The stench of pee is on damn near anything upholstered. They harass people for change outside and are everywhere sleeping on the grass. Changes need to happen. 2nd update Because of the incorrect times on parking vouchers, seriously they are off a good 3 minutes, I was ticketed for being a mere minute over. I got this voided thankfully because the dumb attendant botched the information on my ticket. When I was last here, I witnessed a homeless dude straight up peeing on the stairwell leading into the parking garage!

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