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Plumas County Library - Chester Branch

210 First Street

About Us:

The Plumas County Library makes printed and other materials easily and freely available to its residents of all ages for their education, and to promote their personal and social well-being.

The Library makes Internet available to the public for free in an effort to broaden and enhance its existing collection and to provide a greater span of knowledge and information. The Library exercises no control over the material contained on the Internet, and is not responsible for its content, accuracy, or timeliness. Given the vast amount of information available through the Internet, the Library believes that its value outweighs the possibility that some material may be found to be offensive, disturbing or illegal.

The Library supports the ALA Bill of Rights for use of the Internet as with all other library materials. There is no age restriction for use of the Internet or library computers. Users are responsible for determining content, as it is not possible for the Library to apply the same selection criteria to Internet which are used for other materials. Parents are responsible for guiding their own children's access to resources on the Internet. The Library will provide starting points to guide patrons' use in keeping with the Library's objectives.

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