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Newbury Public Library

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History Of Newbury Public Library
                   The story began in 1893 when the town of Newbury voted to appropriate the sum of $25.00 to support a town library. A gift of $25.00 was also given that year by Colonel John Hay to buy books for the new town library. The library opened later that year in a room above the Cilley store in South Newbury, and it remained at that location until 1910.

                    In 1915 a second library was established in King Daughters Hall (known today as Veterans Hall). Newbury was served by two libraries until 1962. In that year the town appropriated $15,000 to construct a dedicated library building. One year later the new building was completed and the two libraries serving the town were consolidated at a single location. At that time the combined libraries had a collection of about 3,000 volumes.

P.O. Box 245
Newbury, NH 03255

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