Information on:

Mancos Public Library

111 North Main Street


Who we Serve:

All members of the community, and visitors, in a setting free of discrimination.

The needs we meet:

Provide Information Resources.
Offer materials and programs for pleasure and entertainment
Nurture artistic creativity and literacy.
Develop research skills.
Provide a community meeting place.
Support lifelong learning.

How we meet the needs:

Knowledgeable and courteous staff.
Deep, broad, and current collections.
Dynamic well-rounded programs.
Current technology and facility
Spacious, well-lit and comfortable library.


The Mancos Public Library strives to be a comfortable and inclusive piece of the heart and soul of the Mancos Valley by Fostering Intellectual Freedom; Supporting and Showcasing the Arts; Encouraging Lifelong Learning; and Providing resources for self improvement and community building to all members of the community.

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