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Los Lunas - Los Lunas Public Library

460 Main Street North East

The Los Lunas Community Library is committed to supporting the Village of Los Lunas’ mission of providing the best possible services to our patrons, the entire community including citizens, businesses and all other government entities located in the area by providing convenient and effective access to high-quality library services, collections in a variety of formats, and information resources designed to meet the progressing educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community.

In keeping with this mission, the Library seeks to:

Provide a pleasant, user-oriented learning environment for on-site users and the technical infrastructure and online environment, resources and services for the residents of the Village of Los Lunas and the surrounding communities

Provide access to and assistance in using emerging technologies which serve as a gateway to information resources within and beyond our walls

Support the instructional, information, research, and curriculum needs of the community through an effective, collaborative collection development and management program

Promote communication and collaboration both within the community and externally through participation in cooperative efforts, projects, proposal, and agreements with neighboring libraries

Provide a competent, skilled staff dedicated to meeting user needs by encouraging and providing opportunities for professional training and development



Monday, Nov. 6, 2017
Friendly and very helpful staff. Also pretty clean and well organized.

Brandon N

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017
Everyone who works here is excellent. Their all polite, kind, and helpful. I'd kill to be able to work here again on more than just a volunteership

Alexandria Priest

Monday, Sep. 4, 2017
The staff is always friendly and helpful!

Carleta Crabtree

Sunday, July 17, 2016
Great personal. They are always helpful and smiles abundance


Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

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