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Kaimuki Public Library

1041 Koko Head Avenue


Johnson Cheng

Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017
The Kaimuki Library was basically my after school hangout place back in (Kaimuki) Intermediate school days. The alternative was Kaimuki Q.The library used to have a computer room with just two Apple IIe computer. And you have to take a test to show them that you know how to use the computer. I was so proud to pass the test and have privilege to use the computer. Computer book search was still a couple years away. I still remember using the catalog card search system. Those days are long gone and I'm not even that old.

Mike Hunt

Friday, Nov. 3, 2017
Decent size library with about 20 workstations that often fill up. Has outlets for laptops, and some of the librarians there are pretty cute too. One of my favorite library's. They are Nazis about food and drinks tho

Roni Akana

Friday, Aug. 18, 2017
Great library.. friendly, helpful staff..great selection of books!

King Italus

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017
Well its much better than kapahulu

Evan Knight

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
One of the bigger libraries. It has nice work stations.

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