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Howard Public Library

101 East Farmer Avenue


Howard Public Library is the first Chartered Public Library in South Dakota. Trustee Board Chairman Anna Mumford accepted a plaque from South Dakota Library Association in October 1962 that reads: Howard Dakota Territory First Public Library Chartered 1-8-1886. The Library celebrated its 100 years of continued service in 1987 with Open House in January and many special events all year.

After moving to its location in the Municipal Building, the old building was a subject of several meetings, some wishing to use it for a museum, but operation of such on a volunteer basis without a Historical Society ws deemed impossible. The Miner County Art Club used the building for about a two years. The City waited for a period of 3 years after the library moved, and when no independent citizen action was taken, they had the building appraised, offered it for bids, to be removed. The Board of Trustees of the Public Library, at the suggestion of Ada Gehring, joined with the Miner County Art Club to submit a bid for the building with the intention of donating it to Prairie Village in Madison. This action was taken independent of Board business, no City money being used, board members acting individually. The bid was successful, and after a wait of almost five years the building was moved. The Bill of Sale was officially transferred to Prairie Village on July 30, 1974, with the following individuals responsible for this historical gift: Ada Gehring, V.J. Protsch, Lynn Kalvig, Phyllis Lauer, Morris Corey, Gloria Faye Truman, and Miner County Art Club by Lynn Kalvig, President, and Lily Lund ,Secretary.

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