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Holyoke Public Library

250 Chestnut Street


The mission of the Holyoke Public Library is to provide the citizens of Holyoke with the tools and opportunities to improve themselves and their quality of life while promoting literacy, the enjoyment of reading and life-long learning through the provision of equal access to library materials, services, facilities, technology, up-to-date resources and programs to meet the educational, informational, social, cultural and recreational needs for residents of all ages and abilities in the City of Holyoke and surrounding areas.


The primary purpose of the library is to serve the residents of the city by selecting, organizing, preserving, and making freely and easily available appropriate print and non-print materials that record our knowledge, ideas, and culture which will aid the residents of the city in the pursuit of educational, informational, research, recreation and in creative use of leisure time.


The goals of the Library promote literacy and maximize the use of its collection by the greatest number of persons. It seeks to promote endeavors which will stimulate and expand the reading interests of both children and adults and to coordinate this work with that of other educational, social and cultural groups in the community.

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