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Gloucester Township-Blackwood Rotary Library

15 South Black Horse Pike

The Gloucester Township Library was established in 1957 in a room of the old Gloucester Township School which began as a PTA project operated by volunteers.  As the township grew and changed, the library made a move to the courtroom of the old municipal building located on Church Street.  Then in 1970, following a 10 year fund raising campaign by the Blackwood Rotary Club, a building was opened on Blackwood-Clementon Road.

During December 1976, the library became a part of the Camden County Library System.  With the population still on the rise, the Blackwood Rotary gave permission for the building to be sold and the proceeds donated toward a new facility.  An agreement with the Township of Gloucester and Camden County was reached where the Township provided the building and Camden County would provide services and material.  The new branch opened in May 1989 on the Black Horse Pike, our current location.

Over the years the library has been transformed into a modern facility with more open hours, larger children's and teen areas, computers for the public,  more programming for all ages and displays to showcase the wide range of the collection.  We look forward to continue serving the community.


Jeremy Eakin

Friday, Aug. 4, 2017
I liked the place and one librarian couldn't have been kinder. The other....not so much. But maybe she was having a bad day. I'll be revisiting and edit my review of necessary to see of the lady talks down to me again. Other than her, the place is great.


Thursday, March 30, 2017
The entire staff there could not possibly be nicer or more professional. Due to a foot injury and a few surgeries I spend a lot of time there and see day after day the staff going out of their way to help people. You can barely set foot in the door without someone saying hello and offering assistance The services that are provided from wifi, computer time, programs for kids, and of course books are amazing. I urge everyone to get in touch with their local politicians and fight for more funding for libraries!!

Melissa Shinn

Monday, Aug. 8, 2016
I give 2 stars out of 5 because of how unbelievably rude a couple of the librarians are at this location. I very rarely ever write reviews as I typically never have the time, but when service is exceptionally good or extremely poor, that's when I feel the need to notify others. My son and I were locked in the building one day 4 mins after 5PM. We were so engrossed in finding books for his summer reading project, and never hearing anyone make an announcement, or obviously anyone doing a quick search in the children's section before locking the doors and setting the master alarm, we were notified of the lock-in by the lights shutting off. After banging SO hard I bruised my hand and made it bleed, someone finally noticed us. By my surprise, the rude librarian I mentioned above actually was annoyed with us and said not one single word as we left. I was so disgusted at the behavior I decided to write this review instead of making my point in such a way that it would have solved nothing. I pray the leaders will take a closer look at the customer service here and decide that something needs to change. It's the place I will continue to go ONLY because I live on this street and being a single mother don't have much time to drive to other locations. Thank you for reading!!

Kelly McNally

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016
I love this Library but after calling recently to ask about the Science club for my daughter's the woman who answered the phone could not be more rude, I called twice in two wks and It was clear I was bothering her, to the point she was to busy to check telling me to call back. I love bellmawr.

Alyssa Bellofatto

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Great placr

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