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Glen Elder - Glen Elder Library

105 South Mill Street


The Glen Elder Library was founded in July 1885, when seven women interested in creating a local interest in literature collected 150 books. In the beginning, they kept and loaned the books from their homes to those interested.

In 1891, they reorganized under a charter in conjunction with state laws and formed the Glen Elder Library Association. (Also know as the Library Club.) They rented a small building, just south of where the old Trader's State bank was located, and it became the first library operated by the Association.

In 1911, a building was purchased at the corner of Main & Hobart; the library occupied this location for 44 years. (The building, now a house, still occupies that location.) In January 1955 the Association purchased and relocated into the current library building. In 1965, the State provided regional systems of helping libraries. Then in January 1967, a mill levy passed and the Library became part of the City. In 1992, the Library celebrated its 100th anniversary.

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