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40 East Simmons Street


In 1858, the Young Men’s Literary and Library Association opened a reading room over a bank on Main Street. This reading room was the forerunner of the Galesburg Public Library, established as a Free Public Library and Reading Room in 1874.

The library board constructed the first free public library building on land purchased by the board. A city tax levy and a $50,000 gift from Andrew Carnegie that was secured by then Knox College President, Dr. Thomas McClelland, paid for the building at 40 East Simmons Street. Dedicated on June 3, 1902, the Romanesque architecture of the Carnegie library included Bedford stone walls, curved windows and an entabulature adorned by tablets inscribed with the names of men of science, art and letters.

The Carnegie library was destroyed by fire on May 9, 1958 and was replaced with a new library dedicated on November 3, 1961. A children’s room addition in 1967, installation of an elevator in 1984, and an expansion project completed in 1996 comprise the library as we know it today.

At the dedication of the Galesburg Public Library in 1902, Albert Perry, president of the board, stated, “To this building we invite you all, without distinction of any kind. It is yours and all the books that it contains, and we trust and believe that it contains something beneficial to every citizen of this city.” The library board and staff continue this philosophy and mission of service today, embracing and structuring change to bring you the best resources and services imaginable.

Galesburg Public Library Timeline:

• 1860—Young Men’s Literary Society formed from books donated by Knox College President Albert Hurd. Located in the public high school.

• 1874—First public library opened on Main Street (March 26)

• 1902—Carnegie Library opens on Simmons Street (June 3)

• 1958—Carnegie Library burns to the ground (May 9)

• 1961—New library opens (November 4)

• 1967—Additional space added to library (April 16)

• 1984—Expansion and accessibility improvements

• 1996—Expansion and remodeling for accessibility (April 18)


Joshua Brandenburg

Friday, April 13, 2018
Really good library. Staff are friendly. Huge selection of books, movies, CD, and audio books. Many computers to get online. Huge kid collection. I've honestly lived in bigger cities with smaller libraries.

Amanda Smith

Friday, Dec. 29, 2017
I love our library. They have tons of events and the staff is exceedingly helpful. They offer book clubs, kids activities, writer support groups and more. They have a rare book collection and a genealogy research section. If they don't have what you are looking for, they can get it from another library because they are part of the Illinois public library interlibrary loan system. They have free WiFi and paid printing.

Cash Show Shawty

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018
Always a computer available to conncect to the internet, edit resumes, and print when necessary.

Heidi DKF

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
The library is very nice. The staff is fantastic! Very friendly and helpful.

Shell Burke

Monday, June 12, 2017
They have a nice good spaced meeting room upstairs, which we used for a union meeting. The staff was very friendly towards us and next time we need to have a membership meeting, we'll definitely use the library again!

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