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Friends of the Mount Shasta Branch Library

515 East Alma Street


The Friends of the Mt. Shasta Library are dedicated to enriching the educational and community services of the Library. We raise funds to meet our library's evolving needs. We purchase materials, support programming for the public and provide enhancements to the library environment.

About Us:

The Mt. Shasta Library was built at its present location in 1969 by the combined efforts of the Rotary Club and the community.  In 1989, Rotary again took the lead along with the City of Mt. Shasta and doubled the size of the building. Prior to its present location, the library was housed in the Mount Shasta Community Hospital, and then in the upstairs room of the old city hall, currently the city ’s police department.

The Friends of the Mt. Shasta Branch Library was organized about 75 years ago with the purpose of enhancement of the basic services provided to the Mount Shasta Branch Library by the Siskiyou County Public Library system.

The Friends accomplish this objective by providing expanded hours of operation for the branch library, augmentation of the library resources and upgrades and enhancements to the physical plant. In this way the educational and cultural benefits offered by the  library  have been made available to more citizens of the community of Mount Shasta. Funding has been obtained by such activities as  ongoing book sales, organized fund raising activities, and testamentary bequests to the Friends.

The Friends incorporated in 2004 as a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.

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