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Fern Ridge Library District

88026 Territorial Road


Fern Ridge Library provides a comfortable place to access and explore information.


To promote community improvement through active collaboration. 

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The Fern Ridge Public Library serves the patrons in the Fern Ridge Library District. The wording of the district is taken from the formation of the Fern Ridge Library District, Order 93-8-25-5 of the Lane County Board of Commissioners and the Action under ORS 198,199 and 357 of the boundary commission law. It was received August 26, 1993 and action was taken December 27, 1993.

The district includes approximately 181 square miles located west of Fern Ridge Reservoir, along Highway 126, Territorial Road, Scheffler Road, Warthen Road, Knight Road, Poodle Creek Road, Vaughn Road, Penn Road, Nelson Mountain Road and Siuslaw Road. The district includes the City of Veneta, and the communities of Elmira, Noti and Walton. There is an estimated population of 10,000 and an estimated 3,818 existing residential units. The uses within the library district are varied including city residential, commercial, industrial and rural residential, rural communities, agricultural and forest related swellings, parks and timber. The boundaries of the district are the same as the Lane County portion of the Fern Ridge School District #28.

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