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Eugene Public Library

100 West 10th Avenue

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The Eugene Public Library supports an informed community, lifelong learning and the love of reading by providing access for all city residents to the universe of ideas and information.


Lamia Kitsune

Saturday, June 30, 2018
Super fancy looking! The security is pleasant and there are a ton of activitys to do here. They also have charging stations pretty much at every spot to sit. The bathrooms are always clean as well.

Virgil Mayreder

Monday, July 9, 2018
Good in nearly every respect, however people loud talk here almost as a rule. Bring headphones. Great to know places like Eugene Library keeping american companies like AOL in business. If you don't like homeless people you should mail an angry letter to Ronald Reagan.

Kris Barzydlo

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Lazy staff with no respect whatsoever. If you attempt to make a complaint they ban you. If you try to make a complaint on the phone they will literally hang up on you all day without consequence. If you appeal a banning they will ban you longer. We need to stop paying for this. Privatize it I gaurentee it will be the Library all us working (tax paying) folks know it could be. Also yes ethnic people need to be careful here.

Ace Fenrir

Sunday, April 1, 2018
After 75 years since the Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed and 54 years since the Civil Rights Act was enacted, City of Eugene still illegally treats Asians AND LOCAL MINORITIES like subhumans who are less than dogs. Their cultural insensitivity and ignorance are appalling - slightly edited restated quote I have sincerely felt. This place should enforce their hygienic standards, stop housing lazy drug users and homeless people that leave stink and create tension. Too much entitlement and territorial mentalities. Too many (crudely dressed) kids going inside to only cause distraction. The times I ask for a private room to so I can focus, every moment a person walks by, unknowingly paranoid, must pry into my business by looking into my room, almost always with aggressive walks and at least half of them carry huge filthy backpacks. People horde the stalls in the restrooms and let the smell fill the room instead of simply flushing. Vile Pigs! Don't come here expecting respectful mannerisms being a minority, we're looked at like aliens.

Seth Harrington

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
The workers offered very good service. The atmosphere and facilities are great!

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