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East Shelby Branch Library

7200 East Shelby Drive


East Shelby Branch Library is a recent addition to the Memphis/Public Library & Information Center. It is located in the Hickory Hill area. In December 1989, the City Council voted to annex 15.6 square miles of the Hickory Hill area for development. The result was a legal battle that lasted over 11 years and finally ended in July 1998. This battle also became a stumbling block to a new library being built in the area, because of the uncertainty of the final results of the lawsuit, although a library was certainly needed and actively sought. The annexed area of Hickory Hill officially became part of the city of Memphis on January 1, 1999, however, the East Shelby branch library is on the edge of the city and county boundary line and is considered to be a county branch. It opened on Feb. 15, 1999 with an official grand opening on March 16, 1999.

The branch serves 2 high schools, 3 middle schools and 7 elementary schools.

East Shelby is one of the larger branches in the library system with 30,000 square feet. The Shelby County Government funded the construction costs. The Branch is one of only a few in the system featuring a self-checkout machine.


Mathew Thomas

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Very helpful staff and calm environment. I enjoy visiting this place.


Friday, Jan. 5, 2018
Ironic, having a library, a place where you go to learn and do research, directly across the street from a Church, a place where you go to get stupid and turn off your brain.

Kelvin Smith Jr

Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017
I went to the library to study for an upcoming board exam, as I am a healthcare professional. I chose a corner table where no one was around and had my study materials laid out. It is raining outside and there is a little chill inside the library so I put on my hoodie. Some time passes then a security person breaks my focus to tell me I have to take my hoodie off my head. I was respectful and did so without hesitation or conflict. My concentration was broken so I decide to walk around and notice there are several people, more than 3, wearing baseball caps and beanies sitting at computer terminals and other tables, which this security person had to walk by to get to the corner I was sitting near, and nothing seemed to have been said to them. So this security person saw I was reading and focusing and interrupts me for having a hoodie on my head?! My study vibe was gone. Is it the library policy that prohibits the use of just hoodies or was this security person arbitrarily deciding to bother me because they felt like it? Meanwhile there is a seemingly teenage worker who keeps walking by "dusting" the same shelves near the area I was sitting to, apparently, find a part of the library in which the supervisor could not see the person text on the cell phone.

Shondra Dixon

Wednesday, Sep. 20, 2017
This is the slowest library I have ever been to in my life! The only reason I come to this location is because it is close to my house. The staff is rude and extremely slow. It makes no sense to wait over 5 min EVERY time I visit just to check out my books. The staff is never in the front of the library and the other workers are in no hurry to ever help assist you. PLEASE INVEST IN A SELF CHECKOUT SO YOUR PATRONS CAN GO ON WITH THEIR LIVES OUTSIDE OF THIS LIBRARY!

Dianne Love

Monday, May 29, 2017
Great library! Building outreach to the community and working hard to improve reading skills of our youth.

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