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Driftwood Public Library

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Driftwood Public Library was established in 1965 when five small communities became Lincoln City. After outgrowing three storefront locations and a building donated by Blanche Fischer, the library moved to its present location in 1993. Our community is justifiably proud of the facility at Lincoln Square.

Driftwood Public Library is a department of the City of Lincoln City. All residents are eligible for borrowing privileges. Library service is also provided to residents of Lincoln County by contract with the Lincoln County Library District. Your Driftwood Public Library card may be used at any Coastal Resources Sharing Network library in Newport, Toledo, Silets, Waldport, or Tillamook County.


Mel H

Saturday, March 10, 2018
I agree with the other poster, that many staff here don't try to be quiet, nor expect users to be quiet. Some of the guys behind the desk speak VERY LOUD! It's a library - doesn't that mean something? I've seen kids in here running (rules say running is against the rules) and yelling in the main entryway and by computers/dvds, and staff just ignore it. So it teaches the kids and their parents making noise and running around in the library is an acceptable thing to do? Recently 'QUIET' signs were put in the reading room - just that one word on the sign. So some users I guess think as long as they're not yelling - they're being okay? People in there talking, audibly texting on their cellphones, watching videos w/o wearing headsets. They don't like it when I say something to them, and I dislike asking staff for help as since some staff are fine with the noise, they don't care about saying something to them. But also, thank you for putting the 'QUIET' signs in there, I'm sure it makes some difference - they just could be more specific. And it's in the library rules that - "CELL PHONE RINGERS MUST BE SILENCED AND CELL PHONE SET TO VIBRATE' but that NEVER gets enforced. Remove it from library policy if you're not going to enforce it. Or put up signs around the library, including at every computer terminal, I've seen other libraries do that. But as long as you don't enforce it, people are going to think it's fine to let their cell phones ring in the library. Newport library is VERY strict about not allowing audible cellphone usage - not even talking on cellphone except in designated areas - both the security staff and the librarians will say something right away, so patrons know it's not tolerated - thank you Newport library! Other than the noise - it's a very good library, most staff are nice and the selections are real good. Kept clean, great location and parking always available. I do wish they had color printers available for an additional price.

Kaleah Nohr

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Love this library and the people that help run it! Such a great resource in our community!!!! My kids love it, too. 😗

Min Jung

Monday, Sep. 12, 2016
I'm relatively new to the area, and I made the library one of my first stops for a few reasons. I'm a die-hard bibliophile; I wanted to get to know general area resources; and I'm disabled, so I wanted to see what kinds of services the library had for people who can't get out and about on a regular or consistent basis. I'm happy to say that the library staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Unlike some places, I did not feel at all judged for being disabled, even though I don't always look disabled. One of the things I hate about moving is being new, but the staff put me to ease right away and within a few visits, I forgot about being new there -- very warm and welcoming! Great selection of books!

Kent S

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
The librarians talk very loudly, mostly bantering with each other. This makes it difficult to read or concentrate on what you're working on. I don't recommend this library if you're serious about reading or working there. The library director does not respond to emails about this issue so I suppose the job is nothing more than a paycheck. I often hear her talking on the phone concerning issues that obviously have nothing to do with the library...yes, she is part of the noise problem as well. People often sleep or eat in the reading room and I have personally witnessed a person taking a sponge bath in the restroom. I've never seen a library like this one in my life, and I've been in quite a few of them.

Della Williams

Friday, Sep. 30, 2016
The library here is really good the only problem I have is.. I wish it was open longer for kids to be able to do their homework on the computer's when we don't have one at home..

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