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Dolores Public Library

1002 Railroad Avenue

The Dolores Library District's purpose is to provide an environment to encourage reading by all groups. The library's role is to provide resources to assist in the community's pursuit of educational objectives, intellectual and emotional growth, the enjoyment of leisure time and solutions to everyday problems.


The Dolores Public Library functions as a traditional public library – providing both print and digital information. The Library plays a leading role in the community as a meeting place, a technology/training center, and a place to just relax and read. 


The current physical facility was built in 2004. The facility is conveniently located near the local schools and the post office and is just off the major highway running through the town. 

Collection and Materials

The Library’s collection as of January 2010 was 22,609 with the total circulation of materials at 23,209. The Library is a member of a consortium that allows for interlibrary loans (borrowing books from other libraries). The budget for periodicals, electronic materials, electronic databases, and books was increased by approximately 30% in 2012. This increase will be used mainly for electronic and digitized content/resources. 

Hours: Mon-Thurs 9-6 | Fri 9-5 | Sat 9-3 | Sun closed

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