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Destin Library

150 Sibert Avenue


The Destin Library strives to provide quality, professional information services and recreational reading materials to our expanding community.

History :

-August 17, 1940 First Destin Library Board meets. Board members are Lois Destin, Stella Marler, Willie Mae Taylor, Ida Reid Calhoun, and Donalda Zerbe.

-August 20, 1940 Library opens to the public in a room of the Destin Presbyterian Church on Calhoun Avenue.
-Core collection is donated by Fred and Donalda Zerbe, Alice and Al Fox, Tyler and Ida Calhoun. Gaylord Bros. of Syracuse, New York donates oak shelving, maple card catalog and supplies to the library.

-1947 Library relocates to the second floor of the old Destin Community Center, (site of the present day Community Center) on land given by Tyler Calhoun.

-1966 The Stahlman Avenue library building is completed, on property also given by Tyler Calhoun.

-1980 The Destin Library undergoes an expansion, adding a thrift shop to support the growing demands of the community.

-1982 A second expansion almost doubles the square footage of the library.

-1989 The City of Destin accepts the Destin Library as a City Department. All land and assets are deeded from the Destin Library corporation to the City.

-1998 Destin City Council approves purchase of land on Sibert Avenue for a new library. Architectural services are secured.

-May 1999 Thrift shop closes to make space for the reference and computer room.

-June 1999 Planning for the new library starts in earnest and bond money is secured.

-April 2001 $500,000 State of Florida library construction grant is awarded.

-December 5, 2001 Groundbreaking Ceremony and barbecue lunch is held.

-March 16, 2003 Dedication Ceremony to open the new Destin Library .

-March 17, 2003 Library opens to the public.

-March 17th 2004 With bagpipers playing for the first anniversary celebration, the children’s room underwater mural is unveiled to the public.

-July 2005 Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Architects selects the Destin Library for their distinguished design award.

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