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Chiloquin Branch Library

140 South First Street


The Chiloquin Branch of the Klamath County Library was established in 1928. The library was situated in the Council Chambers in the City Hall. The Klamath County Library provided books, and the branch served the schools as well as the population of Chiloquin and outlying areas. Circulation reports show the library was heavily used.

In the early 1970s, the library was moved to the old high school building. In December 1978, the heating system gave out and the building was torn down, after which the library became inactive. In 1980, the Chiloquin Lions Club and many interested citizens got permission to remodel a room in the City Hall building for the library, which was reactivated in May 1980. A very active Friends of the Chiloquin Library (FOCL) group was organized on March 2, 1980, the first official meeting for which was held on April 2, 1980.

The City of Chiloquin provided space and paid for utilities for the library until November 1994, at which time the City required use of the space the library was occupying in City Hall. The Cornerstone Christian Fellowship then offered to donate a portion of the space it was renting at the Chiloquin Plaza to provide a space for the library on a temporary basis. The library gratefully accepted this offer and the move was made during the first week of November, with all volunteer help. It was evident that the library would have to become self-supporting.

The Friends of the Chiloquin Library initiated a pledge program, which was generously supported by the community, held fund-raising events and wrote for grants to cover the basic expenses. In 1997, the library was able to double its space by expanding into the next-door area of Chiloquin Plaza.

In 1999, the FOCL, together with the Two Rivers Village Arts, both under the tax-exempt umbrella of Chiloquin Visions in Progress, launched a five year effort to obtain funding for construction of a community center which would house both facilities as well as provide additional services to the community. With passage of the Klamath County Library Service District in 2000, operation of the library in its proposed new location was assured. The Chiloquin Community Center was completed in May, 2004, and library volunteers moved the collection into its new space.It is a beautiful facility, with room to expand the collection and for activities and programs that benefit both children and adults. Library usage is increasing steadily, hours have been expanded, and FOCL can concentrate now on enhancing services and supporting programs in the library.

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