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Chanute - Chanute Public Library

111 North Lincoln

The mission of the Chanute Public Library is to provide modern library resources and services necessary to meet the evolving educational, recreational, and informational needs of the public, thus enhancing individual and community life.

The Public Library Association was organized with S. W. Brewster as chairman on September 16, 1901. Their purpose was to promote the importance of a public library so that a city levy could be obtained for it’s maintenance. On March 22, 1906, the Carnegie Library Building was dedicated and the Children’s Room opened in January 1928. The library continued to expand with remodeling occurring in 1938 and 1962. Then, on April 17, 1990, announcement was made that the Santa Fe Depot would be renovated to house the Chanute Public Library and the Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum, allowing the city to preserve and restore the depot, and provide much needed space for the museum and the library.


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