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Century Branch Library

1750 East Highland Avenue

Century Library is located in a busy north central location on Highland Ave., adjacent to the Camelback Colonnade Mall. The library was constructed in 1973 by Schwenn & Clark Architects, although it has been remodeled several times since, and has been a vital component of the Camelback East Village since its opening in December of that year. Since Century is located right off a major freeway, State Route 51, and located in a busy shopping and business hub, it is a branch that is used heavily by commuters and people who work nearby. The library was built before the existence of either the mall or freeway that surrounds it, however, and therefore still enjoys a strong and long-standing neighborhood presence with a dedicated local clientele. Century is the home library of many retirees and semi-retirees and also has a close working relationship with Camelback High School and the schools in the Madison School District.  ‹

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