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Longmont - Carbon Valley Regional Library

7 Park Avenue

Our Mission

Connecting communities to information, inspiration and entertainment for life.

Our Vision

To build a solid reputation, increase overall participation and unite residents by being so connected to our communities that the library:

-Becomes everyone's first and best choice for life long learning.
-Is seen as a necessary and important community asset.
-Is a community destination and gathering place.


Pamela Hickey

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
It is a beautiful wonderful library, many books, videos tapes etc. Employees are very down to earth and nice. Good place to sit and just think.

James Martindale

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017
I mean, I've been going here ever since its opening (technically a bit before) and it's always been a second home to me. The librarians are incredibly friendly, the selection of materials is astounding, and there's so many amenities I forget aren't offered at other libraries. The only upsetting thing is the new catalog system. I wish to have a stern talk with whoever decided it was superior to the old one. That, and some good programs die from underuse, such as the coupon swap and used book sales.

Peter Parker

Saturday, March 26, 2016
I asked if I could bring in my xbox, and t.v. to use their internet connection to download a game update and they set me up in a computer lab. How awesome is that? I wasn't able to finish the download before they closed but I was welcomed back the next day to get it finished. I'm glad to know the gaming community is welcomed at High Plains! 5 stars for excellent service.

Mandy W

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014
Prior to the Library Catalog change over, I would have given High Plains Library District 5 stars, it was the best library ever. The old system was amazing, easy to use, gave you all the information you need right there on the screen. Your holds page was alphabeticalised and it showed you which items were waiting for you in a box separate from your other holds. The catalog was also used to be the best, with pretty much every film and book you could wish for. The new system, promoted as going to be better for the patrons, easier to use, faster, has bells and whistles etc, is just plain awful. It looks like some kid from high school has designed it and its missing many essential elements that patrons like. It doesnt show your holds in alphabetical order and due date enabled like the old system. It's difficult to see the due date and when an item is due for pick up, compared to the old system (as it no longer puts your holds in a separate hold area). Over a week since the launching of this new system and having been told by a librarian that everything is now up and running, I can not for the life of me find anything on the catalog, indeed I keep getting a message saying its still under construction. I cant contact the library via email anymore, that button doesnt work either. I'm beginning to believe that I wont be able to request the same caliber of dvds from the library now as I used to, as when I did type in new dvds into the so called search engine, only around 28 old dvd's came up. I am presuming that with changing vendors from the old system to this new one, the dvd rentals are now with a new firm. When I went to the library, I asked if anyone else had said anything about the new system and was told that I was the only one they had heard of who didnt like the new system. I asked why they had changed from the perfectly excellent system they had previously and the librarian let slip (possibly before he realized) that the new system is CHEAPER (and I can see why, its like going from full color HD TV back to black and white silent movies). I don't know who is responsible for making these changes, but they need to be fired.

Keith Kreml

Sunday, April 16, 2017
Such an awesome library

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