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Broadmoor Branch Library

1212 Captain Shreve Drive


In February 1947, a civic organization in the Broadmoor community requested that the Library Board construct a library in the area. That August, the City Council approved a proposal to build two small branches, one in Broadmoor and one in Queensborough, with a cost not to exceed $5,000 each. Architect Dewey Somdal was asked to draw up plans for the Broadmoor building in March 1948. The Broadmoor Branch was open and operating by August of 1948, located at 4025 Youree Drive on the grounds of A. C. Steere School. The original building was much smaller than the current building at that site.

In January 1956, the decision was made to expand the branch. Neild-Somdal Associates designed the addition, which made the building L-shaped and included space for separate adult and children's collections, as well as work space for staff.  This addition was completed in the fall of 1956.

In 1969, the building was again expanded, this time into a U-shape. This expansion was designed by Van Os and Flaxman, opening to the public in September 1969. The final size of the expanded building was 4,088 square feet.

During 1992 and 1993, as part of the Library's building program, the Library decided to expand services through the addition of two Resource Center branches, one in east Shreveport and one in west Shreveport. The Resource Centers would support the surrounding neighborhood branches while duplicating reference collections previously available only through the Main branch. The Broadmoor branch was also selected as the new home for Genealogy.

On April 2, 2000, the Broadmoor Resource Center was opened at 1212 Captain Shreve Drive, constructed with funds from the Library's 1996 capital tax issue. The new building was designed by Clarence Babineaux of Schuldt, Goza, Babineaux Architects. It is 32,000 square feet in size. About 8,000 square feet of this total is occupied by the Genealogy Library. The cost of the building was $5,405,552, including land.



Saturday, June 23, 2018
I have got to say, the staff here are first class. Always courteous, always knowledgeable, always helpful. They go out of their way to forge relationships with and within the community. I come here with my kids a lot and we have a great time. Yesterday I left something behind -- a portable phone charger -- and I came back for it today. Before I could even ask for it the lady at the security desk asked if I had forgotten something yesterday. She recognized me and knew I was often there with my kids and so when they were closing up last night she found it and thought of me. I really appreciate that kind of personal concern for the patrons of the library. First rate operation here!

Brandon Rice

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
This is the LOUDEST library I have ever been to. There is no sense of silence at any point in time in the entire library. I'm not expecting total silence. But I do expect people to be told to not talk and laugh at the top of their lungs.

James Raines

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017
Nice library, but its too loud. People talking loud, talking on cell phones, etc. I could not get any studying done and left. The staff should not allow the library to get so loud.

Ajit Manuel

Saturday, July 8, 2017
The staff are very helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is very pleasant and quiet. An ideal place to study, browse the internet or read books and a wide of magazines.

Charquita Moore

Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016
Great place to study. The staff is so helpful and will answer any questions you may have. Awsome place

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