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Bradley Public Library District

296 North Fulton Avenue

During 1936, through the efforts of Jesse A. McCue, supervisor of Bourbonnais Township, Bradley was able to establish a public library as a W.P.A. project with Mrs. Irene McCue as librarian. The library was located in a store building at 416 West Broadway. The library collection consisted of 200 books which were discards of the Chicago Public Library. These, along with books borrowed from the Illinois State Library, comprised the total number of books available for circulation. In 1942 the W.P.A. withdrew its support, and since the library was allowed to keep the book collection, and since no funds were available for library expenses, several people in the community donated their time and labor in order that the public might continue to have library service. At this time, the library was moved to new quarters in the Bradley State and Savings Bank building. After two years of struggling along to maintain the library, and after much consultation with the State Library in Springfield, Bradley was able to begin operating as a tax-supported institution in 1944. By this time, through donations of books and money by the citizens of Bradley, the collection had grown to 1000 books and had a total circulation of 5329 for the first fiscal year.

The first library board was formed early in 1944, and consisted of: Mr. Ben F. LeMaster (president), Miss Evelyn Weakley (secretary), Mrs. Frances McCue (treasurer), Miss Anges Stelter (member), Mr. Francis Marquis (member), and Mr. Charles Wallace (member).
In 1959 the library moved again to a newly erected building at 422 West Broadway. At that time the collection consisted of 9355 books and 56 periodical subscriptions. 31,940 items were circulated that year. Soon after the Bradley Public Library joined the Bur Oak Library System (now Heritage Trail Library System) to provide inter-library loan to patrons.

By 1984, the cramped quarters on West Broadway required the building of the most recent home for the library. The current 12,000 square foot building on 296 Fulton Avenue was built to satisfy the library's growing needs. Since the latest move, the Bradley Public Library became the Bradley Public Library District 1987, incorporating the Village of Bradley and some surrounding areas.


Sherry Jensen

Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017
Its a very nice and productive library. The employees are very helpful and kind. It can be hard to study there sometimes because it is so busy, but very tolerable. Good place to hang out with your children!

Latoya Clark

Saturday, Sep. 9, 2017
If you want a quiet place to get work done, don't come here. The staff is friendly, but people don't understand the concept of a library. People have full blown conversations on their phones. Kids run around screaming. There's no private room/quiet room with a computer. If you just want to get on the computer or get a book, this library is for you. If you need to use the computer and get homework done do not go to this library!


Monday, July 17, 2017
The staff are always so nice and helpful. I really enjoy coming here.

Brian Hill

Friday, May 12, 2017
Close to home,has free DVD's(pretty good selection),free use of computer's,internet,Wi-Fi,(even after hours) daily newspaper,and of course BOOKS

Sarai G

Thursday, June 16, 2016
These librarians are so helpful and kind. You cannot find a more amazing staff anywhere.

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