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As early as 1905, when Bothell emerged as a logging and shingle mill village, a circulating library was begun in the Odd Fellows Hall on Main Street between First and Second Avenue (now 101st and 102nd). Librarian, Della Chambers, not only maintained the new library but also tended the switchboard for the new Independent Telephone Company. But what became of this library there is unknown. Another library was comprised of the private book collections of School Superintendents George Sickles (1905 - 1907) and Henry A. Simonds. Because of the voluntary nature of these library collections, when Henry Simonds retired in 1918, the library retired with him. Other private libraries also operated out of the Bothell Methodist Church (1909 - 1913) and Harlen Rupp's drug store, until it moved to Seattle in 1916. No formal library operated in Bothell from 1918 - 1925, but Carlton Ericksen's general merchandise store on Main Street, offered books to borrow for pennies a day from 1923-1925 In January of 1925 a permanent public library was established by citizens in a room of the annex to the American Hotel with 1000 volumes. This venture was sponsored by the Reverend Charles Bowen and his wife, Mabel. The rent for this room was $15 a month. When a lower rate was offered ($13 per month) for a similar space at the Bothell Hotel, a block away on Main Street, the library moved nine months later.

In September of 1928 the library moved into the Town Hall, located to the fire station on 102nd Ave NE, and beside the bridge spanning the Squawk Slough (the King County Park N Ride lot is currently there). The Town Council voted to spend $10 a month for a librarian's salary. It was split four ways by four volunteer librarians who each served one week out of the month. When the new Town Hall was built in 1936, the library moved to the Assembly Room. The Town of Bothell contracted with the King County Rural Library System to provide full library service to residents in 1946. Marion Caldwell served as librarian from 1947 to 1956.

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