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Boston Public Library

700 Boylston Street

Within its collection of 23 million items, the library boasts a wealth of rare books and manuscripts, maps, musical scores and prints. Among its large collections, the BPL holds several first edition folios by William Shakespeare, original music scores from Mozart to Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf;" and, in its rare book collection, the personal library of John Adams. Throughout the year, the Boston Public Library hosts exhibitions that offer the public an opportunity to view books and documents usually available only to research scholars.                                                            

Today, the Boston Public Library system includes a Central Library, twenty-four branches, a map center, a business library, and a website filled with digital content. Last year, 3.7 million people visited the Boston Public Library system, many in pursuit of research material, others looking for an afternoon's reading or the use of the computer or to attend a class, still others for the magnificent and unique art and architecture of many library locations. There were 7.9 million visits to the library's website and 3.7 million books and audiovisual items borrowed or downloaded.


Boon Chuan

Friday, July 13, 2018
It's hard to believe that a humble looking library building from outside but have a spectacular architecture inside. This place was not in my place to visit initially. But from exterior of this library seems fascinating. From the old books, to the courtyard and beauty of every room, it's worth your time to visit. The Reading Room upstairs is a lovely place to sit and read among many people. The reading room is like hogwarts as in Harry Potter movie. Amazingly Boston public library is the second largest library in United States. The library also full of history and unique architecture as it was more than 100 years old and established since 1852.

Mario Machado

Monday, July 23, 2018
A beautiful building that can be quite deceiving from the outside. It is divided by a courtyard between new and old sections. The old section, the side facing Copley Square, has many beautiful murals and each room with them has a card explaining each one. It is a real treat and plays out more like an art museum than a library. That being said, there is plenty of reference books in this area and seating in "no talking" areas to sit and study in relative peace. The new section, just a short walk through the courtyard on the first floor, contains a wonderful modern library flowing through 3 stories. The staff here is incredibly helpful. The first floor contains some mesmerising interactive panels on the walls, cataloguing electronic scans of Boston Public Library's archives by different categories.

Mahdi B

Friday, July 13, 2018
Don’t get fooled by how it looks from the outside. For the inside is what surprises you the most! Take a left turn once you go in and your suddenly in a secluded garden listening to fountain water. Great place to chill, read, do work or have tea. The afternoon tea at the Map Room cafe is just wonderful

hawra alnabi

Saturday, April 28, 2018
I’m a bookworm and I visit every big library on my trips. When visiting Boston I had to stop at this library. It has two sides; the older side and the newer side. I absolutely love the older side with its old architecture and beautiful wall art. The court yard is so beautiful. I personally would not be able to do much studying there with all the visitors; but if you’re like me and love books you must visit this place.

Megan Damiani

Monday, May 7, 2018
Beautiful library and one of my parts about visiting Boston. However, with all the history associated with the library, it would have been nice to get some information on the paintings and murals. We walked around and just had to guess at what the history was behind the art. At this point, it's practically a museum with its beauty and art--should supplement the tourism with helpful, historic information throughout library.

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