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Bosque Farms Public Library

1455 West Bosque Loop

The Bosque Farms Public Library began as a dream by the Eastern Valencia County Women's Club in 1980. Active fundraising by the club, a commitment of support by the Bosque Farms Village Council, and generous donations of time and materials by local businesses and residents led to the dream's becoming a reality within a short time. First located on carts in a tiny room in the village office complex (1982), the library's first collection consisted of 2,000 books donated by village residents. Staffing consisted entirely of volunteers. In July, 1984, a 1,124 square foot library facility with one reading room opened its door to the public. It had been built entirely by Bosque Farms residents who had volunteered their time on weekends and holidays.

Four years later, thanks to a strong fundraising effort by the Friends of the Bosque Farms Public Library, Village Council support, and a $20,000 matching grant from the New Mexico State Library, work was completed on a 1,750 square foot expansion that added an adult reading area, teen reading area, two bathrooms and an additional work area for library staff (by then, two permanent employees). Over the years, not only did the library's size increase, but so did the range of services it provided.

Without the tremendous commitment of the Bosque Farms community, a library in this small village might not have become a reality. But, because people who cared made it happen, the Bosque Farms Public Library has had the opportunity of serving thousands of patrons over the years. Let us know how we can help you!

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