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Bessemer City Branch Library

207 North 12th Street

About Us

The library emphasizes service to individualsBchildren, students, homemakers, workers, professionals, and senior citizens. Its materials collections reflect the local community=s interests and needs. Public library resources, services, and programs support four fundamental goals:

Education - To provide opportunity, guidance, and stimulation for personal growth through self-directed learning efforts; and, to supplement the resources of local schools and colleges;

Information - To provide individuals with timely and accurate, up-to-date information;

Leisure - To improve the quality of life by providing materials and activities for the productive use of leisure time;

Culture - To serve as a meeting place for cultural activities, and to promote participation in, enjoyment of, and appreciation for the arts through library-sponsored and co-sponsored programs.

These goals are essential service components, based upon the premise that public library service should be:

- Designed to meet the needs of the community served;

- Provided by competent library professionals;

- Housed in suitable quarters; and

- Based upon adequate collections of materials.

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