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Baldwin County Library Cooperative

22251 Palmer Street

For thirty-five years the Baldwin County Library Cooperative (BCLC) has provided quality library service to residents of the County who have not had ready access to a library. Our most visible direct service is the bookmobile, which makes 39 stops every two weeks from Little River to Bon Secour, and from Belforest to Seminole. The bookmobile stops at nursing homes, community centers, assisted living facilities, schools and day care centers. We also maintain deposit collections at 13 nursing homes and mental health centers throughout the County.

Two full-time librarians and five part-time staff support the operation of BCLC, including the bookmobile, deposit stations, and the library management system used by all public libraries in the County. In addition, we provide interlibrary loan and reference services, coordinate courier services, and provide training and professional development programs for library staff throughout the County.

BCLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership network of all public libraries in Baldwin County.

The mission of the Baldwin County Library Cooperative is "to improve library services throughout Baldwin County and to ensure all citizens access to information resources adequate to meet their professional, educational and recreational needs. BCLC will work together with member libraries and through outreach services to fulfill this mission."

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