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Atkinson Branch Library

1960 West Atkinson Avenue

Atkinson Library, located at 1960 W. Atkinson Ave., opened in January 1961 as the first in a 10-year program to provide large regional libraries spread throughout the City. The beauty of the building's unique architecture, highlighted by a beamed, cathedral vaulted ceiling, woodwork and modern stained glass windows, was enhanced by a renovation project in the spring of 1994.

Computer resources at the library include a computer lab which opened in 2001. The computers are all free to use, and have word processing software on them, access to library databases, and access to the Internet.

The library boasts two special collections. The Career and Job Information Center includes a wide variety of resources to assist in planning a job search or career change, as well as launching a new business venture. The African-American Collection includes both current and historical works of fiction and non-fiction which reflect African-American life and culture.


Nyli Hughes

Friday, June 22, 2018
Toddlers babies should be aloud only a certain day of the week. They're too loud and it prevent others from concentrating. Also our library cards need to give up more than an hour on the computer. Some people have important things to do. Lastly, we need alot more computers!

The Man

Friday, March 16, 2018
Libraries are vital to the community as they bring knowledge to people that cannot afford to buy their own books they have resources such as computers and microfiche you can make copies there. You should check back here as new books come in everyday. New features are added all the time

Cora Lee-Palmer

Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017
Very nice inventory of books and other resources.

Mya Preston

Saturday, Sep. 5, 2015
Quiet and clean every time I go And very organized and helpful people

katrillia mccain

Monday, Feb. 1, 2016
Never answer the phone but the experience is nice

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