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Athens Clarke County Library

2025 Baxter Street

Athens-Clarke County Mission Statement:

The mission of the Athens-Clarke County Libraries is to provide information and gateways to resources which will address the issues and needs of the community, as well as preserve the history and culture of Athens-Clarke County.

Selected Goals

-Families in Athens-Clarke County will be assured that the libraries are the finest source in the community for educational, parenting and enrichment materials. The Library will encourage a lifelong love of reading within a safe, exciting, interesting environment.

-Library Patrons will find the latest materials in all formats. The libraries will be accessible, user-friendly, and attractive, filled with up-to-date materials, and have a well-informed staff to meet these needs.


That High Philo Guy

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Fantastic public place for learning. Although I’ve had a dispute with the staff before, they ended up being right. It’s hard working as a staff member at a public place, and they make sure to enforce the rules uniformly. There is also a great discussion group here: The Philo for Philosophy. Marti is a tremendous group leader. ❤️


Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
Written 6 months ago. Part 1: I love the way the library has grown and the services online through the website. I wish more people here in Athens loved reading and books instead of using the library just to access the internet or just to hang out. Update. Part 2: I like the books but not the people. Books 5 stars. People 1 star. I'm reducing my rating to one star. I'm a teacher and a tutor. The people who work in the library are so spineless that I was asked to be quieter while I was tutoring in the noisy downstairs children's area. There were other people talking and a crying baby. These people are so scared and so politically correct they won't man and woman up and tell these parents to rein their wild and noisy kids in. People who are using the library as a area for learning get bullied into submission while the too meek parents allow their kids to disrupt the library and the staff looks the other way. Also some of the staff could use some tips in manners and professionalism. Some look quite unwashed. The library has gone downhill. I can deal with the homeless, but the loud and wild little kids and noisy teens and crying babies I can't. I go in and try to get out as fast as I can when I check out books or drop off others for donations. I guess since they're going with the anarchistic and barbarian current societal model, emotional support beasts are probably allowed through the doors too. But I'm a teacher and tutor and I'm told to lower my voice while helping my student.... Oh well... I doubt anything will be done since people are so far gone in this country that right is wrong and wrong and insane are right. I expect the freak show and circus to continue over there. I will take my student upstairs in the future in a closed study room. I don't want to be arrested by an overzealous security guard while I'm trying to provide some education. I suspect he'd love his quota for the month. I leave the crazies (the staff and visitors) at the library to their own devices. When I go there again I know to skirt around the insanity even more.

Rebecca O.

Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017
Great library! It has loads of books, plenty of places to read or study, lots and lots of computers, a snack area, and lots of community events. Books can be sent from anywhere in the Georgia library system within a few days, so they can have pretty much any book you would want to read.

D Teagan

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
Athens Clarke is a big friend of EBSCO - took 100,000 in dirty money. Parents need to understand how dangerous libraries have become - peddling for companies like EBSCO which have been caught with their pants down streaming sex ads and porn into school and public library "digital homework" databases. Much like the Big Tobacco scandals of years past, the 100 billion dollar, "Big Porn" industry has usurped K-12 digital portals to advertise for the sex industry, full color ads for sex products and services. Parents wake up - just google "EBSCO Porn" to read growing scandal, news stories from all around the country... then take a good look at the "special" relationship that Athens Clarke has with the community it is supposed to serve.

Bill Dull

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Nice selection of books on tape.

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