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Arlington Heights Memorial Library

500 North Dunton Avenue

The present library was built in 1968; a 40,000-square-foot addition was completed in 1978. A 56,000-square-foot, two-story addition and renovation was completed in the fall of 1995, bringing the library's total area to 132,000 square feet.

The library has been called the Arlington Heights Memorial Library since 1952 when a new library was built at 112 N. Belmont. It was dedicated to the memory of the service men and women of the community.

We have one of the largest collections in the state with a total of over 430,000 items and more than 1,600 newspaper and magazine subscriptions. In addition to books and magazines, there are DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, videos, toys, games, puzzles, puppets, CD-ROMs, framed artwork, and large type books.

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