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Antioch Public Library District

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The Library shall maintain hours for the convenience of the Public and to the greatest extent the budget will allow.


Daniel Miles

Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
My name is Christina. I'm using my spouse's phone to let you know about my first, and memorable visit to the Antioch Public Library. I came in needing help with printing a resume for the next morning, and the laptop I was using was having issues connecting to the internet. The woman named Kat was the person I walked up to for help. I have been a food service mgr most of my life, and more and more these days with social media, and online applications, society is forming away from genuine service and people interaction. Long back story short, I was rushing to meet the deadline before an interview for an internal job promotin. Needles to say it has been literally years since I experienced service, along with compassion and patience. I went back to the library toady to print out a certification I recently obtained due to the help of this nice woman Kat, who helped me was actually working again. I expressed my gratitude directly to her, so she knows how much her patience and compassion, and definitely a pride for her work helped me immensely. I am truly greatful for Kat being there that day. Someone needs to know what a valuable, examplory employee they have. Thank you Kat.

Sara Shalom

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017
Almost every day, you can find at least one of my family members here. Although it is relatively small, they offer so much: great book and electronic resources, meeting rooms, a kid's activity space, a used book shop, and excellent programming including an adult summer reading program with amazing prizes, 3d printing, a computer lab, plus much more. They are fabulous with inter-library loaning, which makes their resources almost limitless. The staff is overall friendly and helpful, the bathrooms are spotless, and the parking lot feels safe (although it could use some maintenance).

H Post

Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
Great place. Has lots of books, cd's, movies, dvd's and blu ray, video games for wii, xbox, and ps4, movie series. Friendly, helpful staff. Even has a used book store. Has silent auction on book sets. Has free wifi. There is a computer room. Have never had to wait to be on a computer. Has printers, fax and 3d printer. Honestly, probably the most well kept library I've ever been to. Great selection on everything. Even have a roku stick, and a mobile hotpot is now available! Have activities often and even do classes on computer. There is a book club, and a summer reading program with some very nice prizes! If you live in Antioch you need to visit!

MrBloggyC YT

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017
Everyone was so helpful with me choosing out my books.

Bella Realle

Saturday, March 16, 2013
My home away from home! The Antioch Public Library District staff and the Antioch Library Friends Volunteers are just excellent and always go above and beyond for us! There's always something to do with the family and so many activities! I love it so much there that I've become a member myself!

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