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Anderson County Library

300 North McDuffie Street

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The Anderson County Library System is dedicated to providing access to information of all types and facilities for education, recreation, and personal development to the County's residents, without regard to race, gender, creed, age or location. We are committed to freedom of access for all, offering a forum for ideas.


Angela Jackson

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
My trip to the library is normally pleasant since I don't have to ask for any help. Today I needed help getting an attachment file to open. It would not open AT ALL. Asked the first lady sitting behind the desk for help, she would not even look at me. She continued to just sit there. The second lady that helped me went over and beyond to help me. So now the lady that had been on mute decided to comment and wanted to help. The women upstairs aren't normally too friendly. The ladies down stairs seem to be pretty friendly and HELPFUL.

LeChelsea Lomax

Thursday, April 12, 2018
I've been to this library a lot lately, and after the last few encounters I had I won't be returning unless I have to. The first encounter was with one of the check out librarians. When I was checking out a few books, I was told I owed an fee from over a year ago. Mind you, I usually go to the Belton branch (which is always nice) and had actually asked several times, after checking out books several times, about my account. Each time I was told everything was fine. I've never turned in a book late. When I tried to explain this to this staff, she acted very rude and insulted me. Since then I have had 3 other rude encounters from different staff and a security guard. I've also witness rude behavior towards other people. The way some of the staff talk and handle people in the library is unacceptable, especially towards special needs and elderly people. I'll stick to the Belton branch from now on.

Julie Canupp

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018
A place to go for peace and quiet. Lot of different ages and types of people go in and out all thru the day. I seen veterans and children. I seen college students and elderly. All can go to the same place and do what they need or want to do. Read, study, look at books, do reports, check out movies about history or a comedy. Even do their own genealogy traces. You can buy a drink or a snack. Even buy a book. There is different things to do. They even have a story book time. All kinds of things to do. They do have public restrooms too. They also have a printer. A very good view of the outside from the inside. They offer handicapped parking and wheel chair accessibility. There are steps to go upstairs and an elevator as well.

robert rabbit

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018
I love books and reading.... but this place is a defacto homeless shelter during the day..... vagrants sleeping at the tables..... there is sign that says no eating or drinking but i have observed several subjects have a 5 course meal daily sitting at the computers. so if your not concerned about catching the flu virus from all the coughing,,,, and do not mind always being on the look out for used needles..... come on down and bring your children too.....

Sasha Williams

Friday, May 26, 2017
I love the smell of old books and my kids love story time I'm glad they help me..lawd

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