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Shall: Provide equal access to city residents, surrounding communities and rural areas and provide information and have it available either in our own library or through our cooperation with the area, Central Iowa Library Service Area and State Libraries.

Shall: Comply with the Library Bill of Rights by providing materials from all points of view and by making all facilities and materials available to the public on an equal basis. The Library does not advocate or endorse any particular viewpoint.

Shall: Continue to build an information base through public and private funding and will work in cooperation with city government to achieve this.

Shall: Provide convenient hours of service based on our community’s needs and provide quality service through materials, programs, displays and services aimed at all segments of our population to the best of our ability.


In June of 1907 the Altoona Library Association was formed. It began with about 100 books borrowed from the state traveling library and operated from the office of Dr. Lang, librarian. Books were loaned to any "responsible party" who agreed to take care of the books and pay 50 cents to help defray expenses.

The Altoona Public Library has a unique history in that two maiden ladies, Miss Zilla Hick and Miss Faith Kurtzweil, played an important role in its origin. Both were members of pioneer Altoona families.

Miss Hick (1873-1968) bequeathed a property, which included a small bungalow of nine-hundred square feet, to be used as a library. At the time of her death, Altoona did not have a public library. It would be three years before her vision would materialize.

Zilla was the last surviving member of her immediate family, having lived with two bachelor brothers in the family home. She donated the property to the Altoona Christian Church.

The bungalow was built by one of the brothers for his bride to be. The wedding never materialized. The house was rented until his sister moved to it in her later years. Her education consisted of going to a country school.

Miss Kurtzweil (1902-1998) was a member of a large family. There were eleven children and several received higher education. Faith acquired a masters degree. As a teacher, one of the subjects she taught was Latin. For 37 of her 45-year teaching career, she taught in a Waterloo high school and was one of the first certified student counselors in the state.

She was a charter member of the library board and donated her services as the first librarian. Faith served in that capacity until 1976 and on the Board until 1985.  Faith was an avid reader and at the time of her death, the family library consisted of more than 800 volumes.  She remembered the library financially in her will.

Other charter members were Bill Sander, chairman, Jack Johnson, Anne Sievers and Ron Veach.

Altoona's First Library When the library opened July 19, 1971 most of the books were donated by individuals and surrounding libraries.  Thirteen hundred library cards were issued the first year. The library was open 24 hours per week. The children's department became so popular that it was moved to the basement. The arrangement was far less than adequate.

By 1982, the library was loaning 1,200 books per month, excluding paperbacks. The desire for a new library reached fruition in December of 1982 when a $175,000 bond issue was approved by 83 percent of the 487 votes cast. The new library was to have room for about 31,000 books and would occupy 4,300 square feet of space.

The library opened July 1, 1984. It was constructed around the original bungalow. Lions Club members and Old Altoona Library (Police Station) others transferred the books in one night and the library never missed a day serving the public. The bungalow was moved to 300 Sixth Street S.W. and again became a private residence.

As Altoona's population increased, so did the demands on the library. A bond issue for $3.4 million, to build a new library and remodel the present building for the police department was passed in May of 1996. Ironically, 83 percent of the 1,108 votes cast were favorable. Altoona Public Library. The new library has 19,400 square feet of space. It includes a children's area, computer room, reading area, several study/ meeting rooms, staff facilities and a larger parking area.  The site overlooks the Prairie Heritage Trail and is convenient to the Campus, Altoona's health and fitness center.


Allie McDonald

Tuesday, Sep. 5, 2017
Went in tonight to return a book, they have recently moved their book return inside the establishment to a different area. I put my books where they used to be put to be returned not knowing they had moved it, and was rudely snapped at with "actually that is NOT where the books are supposed to go"- as if I was supposed to know they moved it when there is no sign anywhere. This woman who said this has always been very rude to me, when I have always been kind to her, and today I was just not okay with it and wanted to share. Would love to be able to go to my local library with kind and friendly people and just check out books and mind my business, but I don't feel I will be back as I don't feel welcome.

not here

Monday, Sep. 11, 2017
Beautiful, quiet, and great views of a pond full of ducks. The alarm goes off frequently. Just people returning their books. The lights blink incessantly. Almost musically. Rythmically.

Rick Peake

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017
Nice public library. Well maintained collection and friendly staff.

Tiara Draisey

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
We love coming here. If you take the time to get to know the librarians it will sweeten your experience. There are so many activities and programs going on that you're sure to find something you would like for your children, self, or family to participate in. We spend a lot of time at the library and take advantage of what it has to offer. There are even ebooks, online movie\show access, music, and magazine borrowing!

Cainon Leeds

Monday, Aug. 22, 2016
Very quiet, relaxed, and convenient, like a library should be. Never been in the children's section, but the rest of their book and audiobook collections seem decent (plenty of sci-fis, romances, thrillers, etc., but I'm more interested in the less popular, older classics), their music and video collections contain a wide variety choices, the staff is friendly and helpful, and they seem to be doing a lot of community outreach programs. They even have a self service DOT driver's license update booth. Warning: the alarm may go off when you return your stuff whether it's overdue or not.

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