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Allendale Hampton Jasper Regional Library - Allendale County Branch

297 Main Street North


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

About Us 

The Allendale Library was organized in 1906 by a group of interested citizens.  As soon as Allendale was established as a county, the Library was organized as a County Library.  On completion of the Court House, the Library was moved to a room in the Court House. 

In 1941 Allendale, Barnwell and Hampton counties formed a Regional Library with headquarters in Allendale.  A bookmobile was purchased to serve the rural areas. With the termination of the W.P.A, Barnwell withdrew from the Regional Library.  In 1947 Jasper joined the Regional System and the library became known as the Allendale- Hampton- Jasper Regional Library. 

At the completion of the War Memorial Building, the County Library Board petitioned the delegation for space for the County Library and Headquarters for the Regional Library.  The request was granted and the Allendale County Library and the Headquarters for the Regional Library are now housed in the building.

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