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Allen County Public Library

900 Library Plaza


The Library is a service institution. It seeks to inform, educate, entertain, and culturally enrich the entire community by providing books and other library materials, facilities, and professional services for free use by all residents.


The Allen County Public Library has been part of the social and cultural fabric of Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding communities since 1895. Then known as the Fort Wayne Public Library, it served residents with 3606 volumes in a room in City Hall. Since then it has grown to consist of the main library in downtown Fort Wayne and thirteen branches in the city and outlying communities. 

Fort Wayne has been cited as the Best Read City in the United States by Places Rated Almanac, due in large part to the library's collection and patrons' use of it.


Bradley Dickey

Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018
I love this library so much. I try to go there 3 to 4 times a week. Everyone is extremely nice and the people that work on the second floor media room are amazing. They always make me feel wanted every time.

Jeff D

Monday, Dec. 4, 2017
Impressive library you'd expect of a city much larger in size. Very clean, modern and large selection of books as well as other media. On site coffee shop, plenty of places to sit, as well as comfortable environment make this my choice for best library. Pro tip - park in the underground garage via W. Wayne Street for quick access to/from the library. Don't forget to validate parking ticket (FREE with library card) inside at the kiosk near boom checkout to keep your garage exit hassle free.

Cody Weikel

Monday, Nov. 20, 2017
Fantastic facility with amazing staff who will go above and beyond to help you find what you need. The building is very clean with it’s own parking garage under the building. There is a coffee shop inside the library, and an amazing courtyard, perfect for enjoying the sunshine and your freshly check out book.

Jamie U

Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017
Worst patron experience I've ever experienced. I worked for the library system in Las Vegas for a handful of years. Here I was charged for "damaged" books that I had returned without damage in the outside book slot. I was told on the phone that I could contest this and I went after work to speak with them. The supervisor was very rude and demeaning and refused to hear what I had to say only giving answers such as"we don't do that here". I know how library systems work and the fees and the policies they mentioned are not written anywhere. TI paid the fine but only because I didn't want to be reported to collections. Called back the day after because the fees they said they would wave were not. Spoke again with the same, obviously miserable, supervisor and she again failed to listen and quoted policy to me. She also basically called me a liar. Toxic people should not work in any type of service capacity. Worst customer experience I've ever had in my life in general. Below is a book that I was charged $27 in total damage fees.

Shelley Mansker

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017
Best resource in the county. Friendly staff, modern equipment, well organized, and clean. Security is good. Late hours on several nights make it accessible.

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