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Alexandria Public Library

10 Maple Drive

The Alexandria Public Library was formed as the result of efforts made by the Community Council in 1935. On March 26, 1938 the library opened in the Shaub house. The house and lot were purchased in 1937 by money collected from subscriptions.

In 1961 a new building was erected. Additions in 1964, 1972, 1989 and 1994 expanded the library to 7,155 square feet, including a new meeting room and children's rooms. The budget Commission funded these expansions. The library entered its 60th year of service to the community with the beginning of on-line services in 1995.

Today, the library offers Internet access, word processing programs and on-line cataloging. The library is staffed with a full-time director and children's services coordinator, five part-time clerks, one part-time technical service coordinator and two pages.

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