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Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library

45 East Main Street


The Mission of The Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library is to enrich the lives of the citizens of the greater Waynesboro area by providing free access to materials, information, programs and services through well maintained collections, qualified staff, up-to-date technology and partnerships with other libraries.


It is said that when Alexander Hamilton arrived in Waynesboro, he came with nothing but a few belongings in a handkerchief and he walked here from Chester County where he had been a wagon-maker and blacksmith until his home burned in 1817.

One of the first things that young Hamilton did was to build a brick house and shop on Mechanic Street (now Church Street). His work went so well that Hamilton married his neighbor’s daughter, Jane Besore, and proceeded to invest in real estate.

Hamilton’s mother, Martha Wilson Hamilton, is credited with carrying mail in an egg basket for Washington’s Army at Valley Forge. On a visit to Waynesboro, Mrs. Hamilton died at the age of 93 and is buried on Burns Hill.

The Hamiltons bought this colonial home in 1841. The house was built by a Mr. Bittinger in 1814 and the interior woodwork was supposedly done by Eli Horner. The house, before it was remodeled for a library, had 16 rooms. The porch, which is of Greek revival design, was added after the Hamiltons bought the home.

The Hamiltons had a total of 12 children, of whom nine survived. Of interest is the fact that their son John who was a farmer also painted portraits. The ones he did of his parents still hang in the library. The Hamilton’s eighth child, Jemima married George Stover in 1857 and had three children; William, Jane and Mary. Jane married I.E. Yost and she is the person who willed the house to the town to be used as a library.


Tasha Allen

Friday, June 22, 2018
What library doesn't give access to Inter library loans to its customers and patrons? You still have to go to the counter and ASK someone to order the books FOR you instead of you know, ordering it yourself through the computer system, like every other library in the world allows you to do. I hate this library's parochial, backward technology. I am surprised they don't operate solely using Dewey Decimal Classification CARDS. What are we living in the stone ages? This library really needs to modern up.

Joyce Picard-Busse

Friday, Dec. 15, 2017
Love the remodel! Historic and modern at the same time. Many cozy spots to work or read. Nice meeting rooms. Good selection of books and other media. Friendly, helpful staff. Great addition to Waynesboro community.

Josh Peters

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016
The Library has been greatly enhanced since the expansion was completed last year. The Community Room upstairs has been impressive to hold meetings in and can be accessed via elevator. The children and youth areas are spacious and enjoyable. Their book selection is impressive, the amount of natural light makes it more comfortable, and the amount of reading areas provided make you feel right at home. They have rooms dedicated to Pennsylvania and the local community. The Friends of the Library are also housed here and offer a great selection of books to purchase at such a low rate. All the money earned through the Friends of the Library is put right back into the Library itself. What a great community treasure.

Carrie W. Lane

Sunday, June 11, 2017
My son and I love to visit the library. It's so nice since the remodel, but we loved it even before that. Nice area for the kids to play, great restrooms too.

RedWind1 -

Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017
Great Computers. Except for 2 and 4 those arnt good

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