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Alachua County Library District - Headquarters Library

401 East University Avenue

Mission Statement:

The Alachua County Library District offers the residents of Alachua County:

- Access to materials in a variety of formats to meet their needs for general information, popular topics and titles, and recreational reading;
- Assistance and instruction in using Library resources to acquire information and enrichment;
- Information about the community and community issues and access to free civic, cultural and entertainment activities;
- Resource support for students in formal education, home schooling, vocational and preschool programs.

To achieve its mission the ACLD is committed to:
- A well-trained, highly knowledgeable and approachable staff;
- A collection of materials of ample depth and breadth to meet the needs of our diverse community;
- State-of-the-art information technology;
- Facilities that are comfortable, welcoming, well maintained and well equipped.

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