Information on:

Acorn Public Library District

15624 South Central Avenue

Mission Statement:
Acorn Public Library touches citizens of all economic, social and cultural levels and therefore will establish policies and programs to meet the educational, recreational, cultural and informational needs of all segments of the community. It shall achieve this by providing materials and services which not only reflect the mind of the community but also help to shape it. Acorn shall provide positive leadership in the community through the use of modern methodology for improving library resources and facilities; through continuing education for Trustees and Staff; and through the dedication of Board, Director and Staff.

Means of Attainment

Maintain an attractive and efficient library.
Maximize human and financial resources.
Increase community awareness of library resources, services and needs.
Provide the best materials and services to the community within fiscal means.
Be sensitive to the needs of the community by being aware of the attitudes toward the library. Be willing to adopt new methods and improvements for better service.

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